Programme action

Alive2thrive Conference, Clarion Hotel, Sligo

Si Sligo and District members along with Mental Health Ireland and HSE Suicide Resource Officers delivered a one day conference for second level students from Sligo and Leitrim.

The programme included carefully selected speakers

  • Ms. Clair Swinburne, Author and facilitor spoke on the benefits of positive thinking
  • Dr. Maureen Griffin, Forensic Psychologist spoke  on cyberbullying
  • Wally the Rapper, spoke of his own recovery from depression

Along with 4 workshops

  1. Mental health & stigma
  2. Mindfulness
  3. Toolkit for wellness and
  4. Exercise and mental health.

The conference took place on 13th November 2012. Each group of students was accompanied by a teacher from their school. The day was fully subscribed with 120 students in attendance.The students also received a resource pack.

The talks were recorded so that content could be reused for further discussion in the schools.

SI Sligo received very positive feed back from this event and were delighted to be involved with the young people in our region.

We appreciate the continued support we receive from the Clarion Hotel with all of our activities.

Alive2thrive is a website promoting mental health in the Sligo and Leitrim.


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